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Development, Analysis, Systemization, Planning and Change


What We Offer



Often our involvement begins with a request from a client to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organizations current strengths and weaknesses. With our strong background in both qualitative and quanitative methodology we are able to fully report on the current state of the organization. The results from this assessment occasionally form the basis for the design and implmentation of a comprehesive, organizational change effort.

Knowing that you need change and implementing that change are two very different things.  As part of our involvment in the design and implementation of major change efforts we can assist in tailoring and impelmenting workshops that support the organizational change effort such as:

  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Role clarification
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mission/Vision/Focus
  • Structural allignment
  • Performance management
  • Empowerment/decentralization of power
  • Executive team building



Many of the assignments that we undertake require activities aimed at increasing the skills of the organization’s executives, managers, and supervisory personnel.

These activities take one of three forms:

Workshops, in which intact groups are brought together to deal with real world problems and issues. For example:

  • Teambuilding and group development
  • Values clarification
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Acting as part of an effective crossfunctional team
  • Effective self-directed work teams

Seminars, in which participants come from a variety of groups or divisions within the organization to learn new skills and concepts. For example:

  • Effective group leadership
  • Supervisory and management skills
    • Listening
    • Motivation
    • Feedback and constructive criticism
    • Managing meetings
  • Decision making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Effective interviewing
  • Presentation skills

One on One Consultations, in which the consultant assists individual clients in assessing and devloping a variety of skills. For example:

  • Developing self concept
  • Managing public speaking anxiety
  • Motivation and leadership
  • Knowing and accomodating leadership and communication styles
  • Managing messages and meaning


Our access to the IDI tool offers us and our clients an advantage in growing individually and addressing how they are perceived by their co-workers.


Systematization is the ability to find ways to reduce the amount of time that you and your team spend on the daily functions of your business and instead focus on the things that move your company forward.

We can help facilitate this by auditing current business function processes and lead your teams through discovering ways to streamline those freeing up time and resources.


Streamlining your processes allows you to focus on what is important to you, whether that is building sales, finding new markets, developing core competencies, or spending time at the beach with your family.




Effectiveness Consultants does not believe that a consultant can or should take responsibility for changing a client organization – that is the task of the organization’s management and staff.

As a result, our approach is to work closely with the client organization’s executives, managers and staff, to help them to:

 1. identify factors that are significantly hindering their organization’s ability to function as effectively as they desire.

 2. identify, develop, commit to and implement appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate these factors.

 3. develop an internal capacity to perform the above two activities in the future, i.e., minimise the organization’s dependence on external consultants.

Our Consulting Philosophy:

Our job is to provide clients with the professional support they need to discover their strengths and opportunties and to leverage these for their betterment.

Our Criteria for a “Successful” Consulting is

  1. Cost effective: It yields benefits to the organization that exceed the short and long term costs of the engagement.
  2. Sustainable results: The results produced by the engagement stand the test of time and are integrated into the habits of the individual or the culture of the team/organization
  3. Client owned: Maximum use is made of the knowledge, skill, and resources that exist in the client as opposed to building a dependence on more costly external resources.


Who We Are


Eric Zackrison

Eric Zackrison (MA, MBA, PhD Candidate) has studied organizational communication at UCSB, establishing himself as an expert on coordination in complex organizations with his National Communication Association top paper that was also published in Communication Yearbook Volume 39. Additionally he has over 25 years as a manager, 14 years as an entrepreneur, and 8 years as a university level instructor teaching course such as small group communication, interviewing, organizational communication, and leadership.

Currently he combines his in depth understanding of theory with his extensive practical experience to work with his consulting clients to function at a higher level through stronger relationships, more thorough understanding of team dynamics, effectively aligned strategies and procedures, and an awareness of the impact that people have on attaining organizational goals. He has a particular affinity for moving managers to leaders and groups into teams.


RE Zackrison


R.E. “Zack” Zackrison has over 30 years of senior level consulting experience in Scandinavia, the U.S., and southern Africa.

Over the past 15 years Zack has worked primarily with organization-wide change projects, leadership and management development and development of senior management teams.

In 1999 Zack’s work with Zimbabwe’s National Breweries was recognized by the Organizational Development Institute as the ”Distinguished Organization Development Project Worldwide”.

In addition to his consulting role, Zack has developed Effectiveness Consultants Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI).

Zack is a former board member of the Swedish Association of Management Consultants and is certified as a Registered Organization Development Professional (RODP) by the OD Institute and as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.


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